Outstandingele MMent Palazzo Land Yacht

What is the name of the ultimate mobile luxury home? It’s eleMMent Palazzo Land Yacht. Created by Marchi Mobile of Austria, this stunning vehicle doubles as a home for the rich and adventurous. Forget about the classic caravans, because the eleMMentraises all standards to a whole new level.

Perfectly merging comfort with functionality and luxury, the mobile Palazzo is perfectly equipped to sustain a lavish lifestyle. It is 45 feet long and it has everything from a plush master bedroom with rain shower, to a fully functional kitchen and inviting living area.

There is also an automated upper deck which is ideal for alfresco dining and admiring the views. Also very impressive is the huge modern cockpit and an easy-to-use touchscreen that offers control to the entire mobile palace. If you feel like you have to own one of these, you need to be ready to part with $3 million.