Outstanding Subsee Trimaran Explorer Yacht Concept

Due to its incredible trimaran-based design and impressive propulsion systems, the Subsee Trimaran Explorer yacht concept has everything it takes to become one of the most incredible vessels on the sea. Designed by a French naval architect named Sylvain Viau, this elegant and modern concept was sketched out with long trips across the ocean in mind, which is why it offers exceptional living arrangements as well as top notch performance.

The 226-foot yacht is able to reach a top speed of 19 knots thanks to its diesel-electric powertrain. The vessel includes a fully integrated lifting system that allows it to house up to four submarines, not to mention its helipad, which can prove very useful for supply runs or passenger transportation. Even though it is merely a concept at this point, Subsee has a promising future ahead considering its originality and outstanding features.




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