Outstanding Strider 19 Mega Yacht Tender

Tenders are some of the most popular yacht accessories, and they are mostly used to provide transport and entertainment for the passengers of the larger vessel. The Strider 19 mega yacht tender measures 62 feet in length, which means that it is almost large enough to be considered a yacht in its own right. It can host parties for up to 22 people while providing comfortable accommodations in its two cabins. Furthermore, a bathroom and a dinette can be found below its deck.

Strider 19 boasts large tubes, a deep V-hull and a pair of 1200hp engines that ensure a cruising speed of 45 knots as well as a top speed of 50 knots. The vessel was sketched out by Christian Grande in collaboration with a studio called Naiad, and it will become the world’s largest yacht tender when it will reach completion.



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