Outstanding Samba and Blauvelt Snowboarding Boots by Adidas

Snowboarding is an extraordinary sport that requires skill, focus and quite a bit of courage to perform, but all of the above must be complemented by proper equipment in order to ensure the comfort and protection of the sportsman. Luckily, Adidas recently unveiled its first snowboarding footwear collection, which happens to be based on its classic Samba line.

If you are not familiar with Adidas’ Samba shoes, well we can tell you that they boast simple, down-to-earth designs as well as casual elegance and comfort. Following the same principles, the new Adidas Samba snowboarding boots look quite similar with the aforementioned soccer-training shoe, but they definitely feature the necessary toughness and reliability that are so important for any winter sports equipment.

Adidas also plans to release a special line of snowboarding boots for Jake Blauvelt, and these will feature a slightly different look that is still based on the same design cues that we’ve come to expect from the famed company. Flaunting practicality, reliability and great looks, these stunning new offerings have what it takes to become the most sought-after snowboarding apparel in the world.