Outstanding MekaMon Battle Robots

Outstanding MekaMon Battle Robots 1

We’ve seen some pretty impressive high-tech toys so far, but the MekaMon Battle Robots take things to a whole new level. Whether you’re looking to settle a score, a bet, or just simply to have some fun with your friends, these complex gadgets will definitely make your day more enjoyable.

Outstanding MekaMon Battle Robots 1 Outstanding MekaMon Battle Robots 2

Each robot is powered by a 1,200-mAh 11.1V 3-cell lithium battery, which links up directly with your smartphone using Bluetooth LE. Other highlights include internal hardware health monitoring systems, four Infra-Red transceivers and four legs with 3-degrees of freedom. Designed to be used in augmented reality, the robots can be controlled using smartphones, and they can be used to fight virtual opponents as well as real ones. Each robot tips the scale at 2.2 pounds, and deliveries will commence in 2017 for $329 per piece.

Outstanding MekaMon Battle Robots 3 Outstanding MekaMon Battle Robots 4 Outstanding MekaMon Battle Robots 5

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