Outstanding Luxury Penthouse Apartment in San Francisco

Located in the top floor of the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, this amazing luxury penthouse apartment was recently sold for $28 million. That may sound like a lot for some, but taking into account that it was initially listed at $70 million back in 2008, we believe it’s safe to say that the new owner’s acquisition was a bargain.

The condo takes up two floors and boasts a total living space of 20,000 square feet. All this space was originally divided between three different apartments, but a very expensive renovation program fused them together in one opulent dwelling. The cost of this transformation was more than double the sale price!

The views from this outstanding penthouse are simply breathtaking. They include part of the city’s skyline and bay area. There is a total of six spacious bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a vast living area, a library, a home theater, a beautiful patio and lovely foyer areas. The master suite alone occupies 2,500 square feet of space and provides easy access to the sauna, steam room and gym. The balconies offer an additional 3,000 square feet of luxury.

As if all this space wasn’t already impressive enough, the condo boasts 22-foot high ceilings and even a two-storey waterfall in the foyer that is meant to further enhance the overwhelmingly vast spaces. Despite their size, the rooms have a very inviting and warm vibe, thanks to the carefully-chosen color scheme (white, grey and brown are the dominant colors), and the four fireplaces that work both as decorations and heat sources. No wonder that even the experts call this San Francisco apartment a truly rare opportunity!

Outstanding Luxury Penthouse Apartment in San Francisco (2)

Outstanding Luxury Penthouse Apartment in San Francisco (1)

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