Outstanding Lamborghini Aventador Limousine Concept

Not exactly sure if Lamborghini is the first luxury car brand to come to mind when saying “limousine”. Actually, it may be among the last ones on your mental list. However, this article is exactly about that: a stunning Lamborghini Aventador Limousine concept. The car keeps all it original visual charm, but adds a few inches to the recipe, and a couple of extra doors as well.

The mere fact that the concept is so shocking and totally unexpected makes us sure that there are many rich people out there who would love to see the car get onto the production lines. We bet there are plenty celebrities who are a bit tired of the same Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lincoln and other classic limos that they’ve had driving them to important events. A red, angular and powerful Lambo would actually make an excellent alternative, wouldn’t it?

Four scissor doors rise up to welcome passengers into an absolutely amazing environment: plush comfy seating, champagne cooler, plasma screens, top-of-the-line sound system, and much more. Though we’re sure not everybody will find the idea exciting, we declare ourselves very positively intrigued. The concept idea was proposed by high-end car hire company Cars For Stars from U.K.