Outstanding Aquatic Complex for Your Backyard: $11 Million

How much are you willing to pay for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift? If $11 million doesn’t scare you off, then maybe you’ll find this next piece of news quite interesting. Okeanos Aquascaping is a New York-based professional builder of custom aquariums and ponds. One of their most opulent offers is a stunning aquatic complex with a 60-foot-by-60-foot swimming pool which shares two of its walls with a 50,000-gallon saltwater aquarium.

Swimming in the 10-foot deep pool is bound to be a magical experience: you will feel like swimming along splendid marine creatures like angelfish, anemones, and even black-tip reef sharks. If you decide to make this a gift for yourself, then you will have the possibility to create your own sea ecosystem with your favorite fish and plants. This huge project will be the first of its kind ever created by Okeanos Aquascaping.

The aquarium will raise 15 feet above the surface of the swimming pool, like a mesmerizing L-shaped wall. The complex is highly customizable (the shape of the aquarium, the pool, and surrounding landscape), and it can take up to five months to build. You should also know that the company will use an advanced filtration system for the water, one that will not use conventional chemical methods to keep the water bacteria-free.

If you decide to bring this amazing project to your back yard, you should be ready to shell out at least $11 million for it. Then you need to be ready to spend considerable amounts of cash for the maintenance of the aquarium and for sustaining the delicate marine life in it.

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