Original Snow Apartment In Zhangjiakou, China

Featuring an exquisite and original design that was inspired by melting snowfields, the Snow Apartment in Zhangjiakou, China is a unique, comfortable and luxurious abode that promises endless relaxation and entertainment opportunities for those who are inspired enough to spend a night in its rooms. The apartment was sketched out by Penda Design House and impresses with a series of hand-plastered shells that adorn the ceilings and walls in order to replicate the white, clean appearance of snow.

Plaster is a very popular material in Northern China, which is why it was particularly easy to mold by the architects in charge of the construction process. The double curved walls created using this exceptional material feature the unique characteristics of organic architecture and shelter a series of heating pipes that ensure much needed thermal comfort.

To even out the cold appearance of the walls and ceiling, the designers implemented superb wooden panels that give off a sense of warmth and elegance. Furthermore, the experts also made full use of a remarkable array of LED lighting elements that further emphasize the sculptural details of this amazing abode.

Accommodations include 7 bedrooms as well as a cloakroom, but we should also mention the ample storage facilities that can be used to house skiing equipment. Other highlights include a few beautifully decorated bathrooms and a living room that can be found right in the middle of the apartment. There is even a roof terrace on the upper floor, which allows guests to commune with the elements while facing the frosty weather.




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