Original Beatles Demo Recording Sold For $23,500

The Beatles was one of the most popular bands in the world back in the day, and its songs still manage to make their way into the charts even now. That’s why it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that an old Beatles demo recording fetched an incredible price tag at auction not too long ago. We’re talking about a demo recording of “It’s For You,” a song written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon for Cilla Black.

The recording was actually discovered by her nephew, Simon White, who donated it to Stephen Bailey along with a letter that explained its story. Bailey is the owner of The Beatles Shop, and as you can probably imagine, he was shocked (in a good way) by this unexpected gift. At the 25 Beatles Memorabilia Auction organized by The Beatles Shop, the record was sold for $23,500, which is quite amazing if you think about it.

Original Beatles Demo Recording Sold For $23,500 (1)

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