Opulent Burj Al Arab Ashtray: Over $7,000

Need a souvenir from Dubai? How about a $7,250 luxury ashtray? After all, Dubai is mostly famous for its opulence! Bearing Burj Al Arab’s logo, the ashtray reflects the extravagant spirit of the seven star hotel. Only one night at Burj Al Arab can cost you between approximately $1,000 and $27,000, so you know the hotel takes luxury really seriously.

The opulent ashtray is more expensive than some rooms in the famous hotel, and here is why. Made of borosilicate glass, it flaunts three 0.15-carat diamonds, beautifully integrated into its design like gems in a royal crown. The G color diamonds boast a VVS 1 clarity. If the price doesn’t freeze your desire to have it, you can place your order for the luxurious Burj Al Arab souvenir, and it will be delivered to you in 8 to 12 weeks.




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