Oprah Interested in a $68 Million Estate?

Rumor has it Oprah Winfrey is thinking of buying this amazing $68 million mansion in New Jersey. According to the New York Post, she has visited the pure luxury residence in order to see whether or not it would fit her taste.

We don’t know about her, but our guess is that many of you will find the property quite stunning. Flaunting 30,300 square foot, the ultra-expensive house has 12 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. And we didn’t even mention the living areas or the kitchen.

An estate like this can only be located in highly-exclusive residential areas. This particular one can be found in New Jersey’s suburb of Alpine, a place where the median price of the houses is $4.14 million. Mind boggling, right? Well, for the highest earning Hollywood lady – Oprah Winfrey – price won’t really be a problem.

Oprah Interested in a $68 Million EstateOprah Interested in a $68 Million Estate

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