Online Casinos: Affordable Luxury or an Illusion for the Masses?

Back in the day, casinos were exclusive venues visited by members of the high society. The term itself comes from Italian, meaning a small summerhouse or a villa where well-off families of nobles, and later the “nouveau riche” gathered for entertainment and games of chance. Many European casinos have retained their exclusive atmosphere to this day – the Casino Venezia’s winter home is an amazing palazzo known as the Ca’Vendramin Calerghi, and the Ritz Club (a members-only casino in London) looks and feels like its patrons would step into a James Bond movie (actually, one was filmed on location there). As time went by, gambling has become a pastime for anyone rather than something reserved for high society – casinos started welcoming members of the general public, ultimately becoming a tourist trap with profits in mind rather than a specific and special form of entertainment. The evolution of the business has culminated in the launch of and its likes – easily accessible real money gambling through the internet. Did this degrade the value of gambling or is it a service destined to a completely different class of players?

Casual online play

Online casinos like the All Slots are the accessible form of gambling for a great many players. They are always open, always at hand – a convenient way to play a few hands of blackjack or a few spins on a slot machine. The All Slots and its likes are visited by millions of players from all over the world seeking a casual form of online entertainment. There are some, of course, who hope to make quick and easy money there but the majority is in it for the fun. This, along with the fact that the games are played in a familiar environment – usually at home – makes online casinos like the All Slots far more similar to social games than to actual casinos.

According to a recent study, the average online casino player will only play once every two weeks, and spend small amounts on casino games.

Does it degrade the casino industry?

Absolutely not. Online casinos may replicate casino games perfectly but they will never be able to replicate the unique environment and atmosphere of a real life gambling venue. No matter how comfy the player’s couch may be, it will never match those in the Ritz Club’s furniture, decor, and services. Not even the highest-quality digital recording can replicate the sound of the roulette ball hitting the wheel or the sound of the chips being stacked by the side of the table.

Online casinos cater to those who play casino games for fun. Real life casinos, in turn, are for those who prefer experiences.

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