One-Off Mosler RaptorGTR Now for Sale

Another one-off stunner in the automotive world is now up for grabs. Known as the Mosler RaptorGTR, the supercar can be a serious threat on the track to legends like the Bugatti Veyron or the Ferrari F12. Powered by a huge 7.0-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine, the car is based on the LeMans Prototype Mosler and features a chassis borrowed from LeMans Prototype.

Only expensive and extremely lightweight materials were used for this vehicle, so naturally carbon fiber dominates the construction. The engine can put out 838 hp, helping the RaptorGTR reach the 62 mph threshold in only 2.6 seconds. Its top speed is 240 mph, and AutoClub Revolution gave it the highest VPR (Vehicle Performance Rating) score: over 600. So how much do you figure a beast like this costs? If you said $700,000, you were perfectly right!

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