One-Off Ferrari Superamerica 45 at Villa d’Este

Ferrari Superamerica 45 is a one-off special edition car, based on the standard Ferrari 599. Its custom body was made according to the specifications of real estate magnate Peter Kalikow with a rotating hard top. Instead of the expected Superamerica glass roof, this ride received a carbon fiber one with an integrated rear screen.

The owner commissioned the car with a Blu Antille paint because he wanted it to match his original 1961 Ferrari 400 Superamerica. Other design highlights include the two-tone alloy wheels with Blu Antille accents, the double grill vents on the front guards and the burnished aluminum side mirrors and A-pillars. The interior of the Ferrari Superamerica 45 perfectly matches its unique exterior: it flaunts Blu Scuro carbon fiber details and a nice Cuoio leather trim. The car was unveiled of Friday at Villa d’Este.

Ferrari Superamerica 45 (1) 

Ferrari Superamerica 45 (2) 

Ferrari Superamerica 45 (3) 

Ferrari Superamerica 45 (4) 

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