Old, Exclusive, Expensive: the Dalmore 64 Trinitas Whiskey

“True exclusivity, craftsmanship, quality and heritage” this is what defines the Dalmore 64  whiskey, according to Richard Paterson, Dalmore’s master distiller. He only chose the rarest and oldest ingredients for his unique recipe, as some of the whiskey stocks that he used have been maturing in distilleries for over 140 years.

When Paterson said “exclusivity” he really meant it: only three bottles of this precious beverage were made, hence the name Trinitas.  Two of them have already been sold for the amazing sum of £100,000 each. A UK whiskey investor and a luxury whiskey fan form the States were the two wealthy men who decided they couldn’t live without the Dalmore 64. The third bottle will be sold at the end of the month at the London Whiskey Show. We have no further details regarding the event, as the organizers prefer to keep things as quiet as possible.

What may surprise many of us is the fact that Paterson did not consider breaking records or entering Guinness Book when he made this unrivaled drink. He actually only made it for the sake of quality and heritage. However, the result is unrivalled and it is a pity to know that many of us will never have the chance to taste it.

Old Exclusive Expensive the Dalmore 64 Trinitas WhiskeyOld Exclusive Expensive the Dalmore 64 Trinitas Whiskey

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