New Yotel to Offer Affordable Luxury in Manhattan

How would you like to spend a night at a luxury hotel for only $149? Sounds impossible, but thanks to Simon Woodroffe, founder and chairman of Yo! Company, everyone can experience luxury at a reasonable price. What Woodroffe actually offers is affordable luxury.

The first Yotels were built at airports to ensure tired travelers the chance to unwind and relax a little between flights in a comfortable and luxurious environment. A minimum stay of four hours is just $50. The concept was very much appreciated in Europe, where it pioneered, so Woodroffe decided to bring it to our country as well.

This time however, he will not open the Yotel at an airport, but in Manhattan, New York City, at 42nd Street and 10th Avenue. The city version of the hotel will boast 669 rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, handmade motorized beds, en-suite bathrooms, “monsoon” showerheads, flat TV screens, heated towel racks, fluffy towels, brilliantly white linens and a large safe, capable of holding a 19-inch laptop. To get all this for only $149 a night is really something!

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the Yobot in the lobby, a motorized metal arm that stores luggage in a wall of lockers. The hotel will open on June 7, 2011.

New Yotel to Offer Affordable Luxury in Manhattan

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