New Ulysse Nardin Chairman Smartphone Collection: Wave

A new collection of the stunning Ulysse Nardin Chairman smart phones will be soon available from Scientific Cellular Innovations (SCI). The luxury hybrid device boasts a unique wave pattern as part of its design to celebrate Ulysse Nardin’s nautical heritage.

The pieces in the new Wave Collection flaunt fully polished cases and chassis, matte ceramic backs, a new crown and rotor design and of course wave details throughout. They are available in four versions: Black Wave (with gold movement and black enamel accents) in rose gold and stainless steel , and Blue Wave (a blue movement), also in stainless steel and rose gold.

The phone too boasts several remarkable qualities like its 3G capabilities, its 32GB of memory, and the 3.2” touchscreen with thumb print recognition. The Wave Collection will be available starting next year.

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