New Spring-Summer 2011 Fashion Trend: Stripes

Haider Ackermann

Who would have thought stripes can be so versatile? Well, fashion designers, that’s who! And probably many of us, ordinary fashion lovers.

Here you have an enchanting display of color and size variations in stripes. From highly elegant gowns to every-day apparel, stripes have found their essential role in defining the Spring-Summer 2011 trends.


Shorts, romantic dresses, casual jumpsuits and interesting tops: anything looks great if you adorn them with the perfect type of stripes. Sonia Rykiel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gautier, Paul&Joe are all names of designers who knew how to give a lively personality to ordinary clothing items. Stripes only go well with a vibrant character and they always complement a young dynamic attitude. Be bold and try them! And don’t worry about color and shape. As long as they send out a positive message, they’re perfect!

Urban Chic

Narrow or wide, it doesn’t matter. But there is one thing that you should always keep in mind when choosing the stripes: they have an amazingly powerful visual effect. They can compliment you, or they can turn your evening into a complete disaster. Be sure to wear horizontal stripes only if you are completely satisfied with your appearance, as they tend to add a few (visual) pounds to the silhouette. Diagonal and vertical stripes are the best choice for women who only want to emphasize their most flattering body parts, while hiding others. So, don’t be afraid to mix and match, just make sure to choose the kind of stripes that compliment you the most.

Banner 3

Red Carpet

Yes, Stripes can look absolutely gorgeous on highly elegant apparel. One shoulder dresses, long skirts made of precious striped materials, short dresses with a perfectly stylish top…the possibilities are infinite. Jil Sanders, Marc Jacobs, Bensoni, Haider Ackermann all offer a nice selection of striped red carpet gowns and we can guarantee you that if you chose to wear one such outfit at a special event, the effect will be mesmerizing.

New Spring-Summer 2011 Fashion Trend StripesNew Spring-Summer 2011 Fashion Trend StripesNew Spring-Summer 2011 Fashion Trend Stripes

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