New Record Price for a Best Friend

The former most expensive dog was a Labrador named Lancelot Encore. Why Encore? Because his owners have had him before. Yes, that’s right, Lancelot Encore is actually a clone of Lancelot, the pet that had passed away. Encore came to life for a price: $155,000.

But now it’s time for a Tibetan Mastiff to take his place as the most expensive dog in the world. The 18 months Yangtze River Number Two has found a new owner in young Ms Wang, who flew all the way to Qinghai, a northern Chinese province to buy him. She paid 4 million Yuan for the dog, about $582,000 in our money.

Yangtze is 80 cm tall (31.5 inches) and is a specimen of a very rare and expensive breed, especially for China, where Tibetan Mastiffs are very much valued for their guard-dog abilities. The precious pet was welcomed like a member of a royal family upon his arrival at the Xi’an airport.Most expensive dog in the world

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