New Record Bid for Warren Buffet’s Charity Lunch

After winning the auction for a lunch with famous billionaire Warren Buffett, an anonymous bidder added more cash to the money he or she had offered, only to top the previous record for this contest. The winning bid of $2,345,678 million was thus raised to $2.63 million, which is $100 more than the previous record bid.

For the twelfth time, the contest benefits San Francisco’s Glide charity, to help the poor in the San Francisco Bay area. Only two bidders had entered the contest on eBay, which was much less than the nine bidders who had participated at the auction in 2010. However, thanks to the generosity of this year’s record-braking bidder, the poor people in the San Francisco Bay Area will benefit of a lot of financial support once more.

New Record Bid for Warren Buffet’s Charity Lunch 

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