New Partnership for Luxe Space Travel: Elysiants & SXC

Space travel is slowly becoming the new fad among rich people around the world. Right now, on the beautiful island of Curacao in the southern Caribbean Sea, fascinating projects are being developed: Space Expedition Curacao (SXC) plans on creating a new commercial space line and a space port on the Curacao International Airport.

They have recently established a new partnership with luxury social network Elysiants, who will help them promote their services and offers among the wealthy members of the Elysiants community. Together, the two companies will create the possibility for numerous rich men and women to be among the first people in the world to reach outer space.

Elysiants also announced that a new subsection, called Future Astronauts Club (F.Ast Club), will be launched on their website, and only future astronauts will have the possibility of becoming members of this premium community. They will all benefit from numerous VIP treatments, gifts and special experiences before the actual flight will take place.

Ruud Smeets, the founder and CEO of Elysiants noted that “Almost 7 billion people currently live on Earth, of which 2 billion have flown in a plane, 750 million own a car, 22 million are scuba divers but only 521 people reached outer space (of which 440 are from US or Russia).” Now Space Expedition Curacao and Elysiants are determined to change those numbers. So, Virgin Galactic,  beware of the competition!

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