New Most Expensive Manicure from Cherish…Me

If you are after a perfectly glamorous look, then you know details are crucially important. London-based Cherish…Me pays special attention to details in order to create impeccable manicures that glow with beauty and, well, diamonds!

Add more carats (ten more, that is) to your fingers with a $51,000 manicure. The offer includes an aftercare service that ensures the removal of the diamonds and a jewelry service using the gems. Celebs like Katy Perry have already embraced the trend, so why wouldn’t you?

Now if $51,000 is a little too much for you, then there’s always the second most expensive manicure that you can get. Also in London, the Day Spa and Saloon offers luxe manicure with diamonds, rubies and sapphires for “only” $32,000.

Most Expensive Manicure from Cherish 1

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