New Most Expensive Hotdog Sprinkled with $2,000 Cognac

Created by DougieDog, the new most expensive hotdog is infused with $2,000 cognac. The previous holder of the record was the $69 “Haute Dog” at Serendipity III, but its price was not exactly difficult to exceed. With a few select ingredients, the Vancouver eatery has turned the ordinary hot dog into a $100 fine meal for squeamish customers.

Te restaurant is located on Granville Street, and the high-end culinary creation is known as the Dragon Dog (it was released on the first day of the Chinese Dragon Year). Customers will have to give a 12-hour notice to get it, and here is what they will receive for their $100: a “super tasty and high-end” hotdog, as DougieDog owner, Dougie Luv, describes it.

The split, steaming bratwurst is sprinkled with 100-years-old Louis the 13 cognac. Luv then adds delicious Kobe beef, fresh lobster, olive and truffle oil, and finally a secret Picante sauce. Discerning customers will certainly appreciate the luxe touches that make this traditional snack a decadent dish.

New Most Expensive Hotdog Sprinkled with $2,000 Cognac (2)

New Most Expensive Hotdog Sprinkled with $2,000 Cognac (1)

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