New Most Expensive Dog Sold for £1 Million

Remember Yangtze River Number Two,  the Tibetan Mastiff that used to be the most expensive dog in the world? His owner bought him for approximately $582,000, which was a pretty impressive record at the time. But the new most expensive dog (also a Tibetan Mastiff) is a puppy worth twice as much: it sold for about £1 million, or some $1.6 million.

That’s pretty amazing even for its breeder, Lu Liang who runs the Tibetan Mastiff Garden in Laoshan, and who said: “When I started this business, ten  years ago, I never thought we would se such a price.” Big Splash is eleven moths old, and he is about 3 feet tall weighing more than 180 lbs.

Lu also describes the dog as a “perfect specimen” with “excellent genes”, which makes it a very special puppy. The new owner of Big Splash (or Hong Dong in Chinese) knows this very well and considers his acquisition to be a very good investment, as he will be able to lend his Mastiff for breeding for as much as 100,000 Yuan per shot. But this is not the main reason for which the multi-millionaire Chinese bought the dog. The breeder said: “I could see he loved the puppy, or I would not have sold him”.

New Most Expensive Dog Sold for £1 MillionTibetan Mastiff Garden in Laoshan

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