New Luxury Cinema Opened in Del Mar: Cinepolis

New Luxury Cinema Opened in Del Mar Cinepolis (6)

The largest theater chain in Latin America – Cinepolis – recently opened its first cinema in the U.S. Located in Del Mar, California, the theater used to be an UltraStar Cinema location, but Cinepolis transformed it beyond recognition. An investment of almost $7 million made the luxury theater incredibly appealing: custom designed high-back reclining chairs with leather upholstery ($1,000 apiece), surround sound, HD and 3D technology and plenty of room for your feet.

If you come to watch a movie here, you won’t only enjoy maximum comfort, but also great service. By simply pushing a button, you will call a waiter that will bring you any shake or beverage you want: a cocktail, wine, gourmet finger foods, artisan sandwiches, fruit, cheese or the “traditional” popcorn and candy. How much do you think a ticket here costs? You’ll be surprised to learn that you only have to pay $19.50 to watch a movie in this high-end cinema.