New Döttling Safe: The Skeleton

It’ s no use having an exclusive collection if you must keep it hidden in a locked safe. Don’ t people get expensive stuff to show them off? German luxury safe maker Döttling came up with the perfect solution. They designed a safe with bullet proof glass panes which allow the curious to gaze at the watch collection inside, without having to open the door.

This was actually a restoration project, as the safe is more than 120 years old. Döttling brought back to life a piece of furniture from the Emperor Wilhelm II era and turned it into a high-end very functional vault. It took 18 months for the safe maker to complete this project and they will receive €250,000 for it. That is $341,326.

The buyer is a US watch collector, and you should not worry about the safety of his objects. The 25 mm thick Silatec glass does not compromise the efficiency of the safe and neither does the fact that Döttling used a twelve-decades-old Prussian forged art for The Skeleton (yes, that’s the name of the safe).

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