New Amor Fati Yacht by Christopher Seymour Designs

Amor Fati is an exquisite 90s-inspired yacht designed by Christopher Seymour Designs. It represents a beautiful mix of old and new influences, spread across 44 meters (144 feet) from bow to stern. One of its most remarkable features is the fact that the bow remains permanently above the water, while the stern further enhances this levitation illusion by permanently rising upwards.

For a taste of adventure, the vessel has been fitted with bullet helm, even though the main focus of the concept is to offer comfort and a relaxed ambiance to all passengers. Beautiful, innovative and reliable, Amor Fati will enjoy its official launch at the upcoming Palm Beach Show. It reportedly features a top speed of 10-12 knots on engine power alone, while the cruising speed under sail is somewhere between 12 and 18 knots. Yacht enthusiasts will learn more about the vessel later this month at its official launch.

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