Nearly Indestructible INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle

Armored vehicles definitely have their own appeal, not necessarily because of their imposing appearance but because we all know that that they are basically immune to conventional firearms and explosives. One of the most incredible armored vehicles in the world is the INKAS Huron APC – a SWAT vehicle that is capable of shaking off 7.62×51 M80 NATO Ball ammunition as well as 7.62×51 SC ammunition without a flinch.

Despite its size and toughness, this ride is quite nimble and maneuverable, which makes it even scarier. As with all serious armored automobiles, the INKAS Huron APC features a blast-proof floor that provides much needed protection for its driver and passengers in the event of a mine explosion or a grenade blast.

A roof-mounted gun turret is also part of the deal just in case things take a turn for the worst. Powered by a massive 8.3-liter Paccar Engine kept in check by a 10-speed manual Allison transmission, this nearly indestructible 4-wheeler is definitely capable of reaching respectable speeds even while traversing the world’s most unwelcoming roads.






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