Natural Hand Lotions and Other Travel Necessities for Travellers

Travelling is always an adventure, which is one reason why we all love it so much, but when you are on the move, it can take its toll on your skin care regime. Your hands especially can come in for some harsh treatment, leaving them looking and feeling decidedly rough and uncared for.

Always ensuring you have a natural hand lotion tucked away in your handbag will help you care for your hands.  It will enable you to moisturise and protect your hands from the drying effects of the all too frequent sanitizer pumps and frequent washing. In addition, a portable hand cream will keep your hands looking good and feeling great when you are carrying luggage or when you are in places that may not be as clean as you would like!

If you are planning to travel, a natural hand lotion should always be part of your essential travel kit. In addition, you should make sure you have some other basic toiletries that you are likely to need on your journey. So along with hand cream, what else are you likely to need for your travel kit? 

Lip balm

We advise that you should always include a lip balm. This will help your lips cope with any changes of temperature without becoming dry and uncomfortable. It creates a vital layer of protection for your lips, making you look good with or without the lipstick. 

Hand sanitizer 

This is a must! Since the COVID pandemic, we have all become far more aware of germs, bacteria and the way that viruses can be passed on via contact. In busy areas such as service stations, airports, and other places where thousands of people may be touching the same handrail as you. For example, if you don’t have hand sanitizer, you run the risk of picking up an infection. Ensuring that you have your own sanitizer is an easy fix to this problem. 

Pack of tissues 

You never know when you might get caught out in a horrible bathroom or need to mop up a drink spillage. Always ensuring you have a small pack of paper towels or tissues in your handbag will help prevent these types of crises. 

Leaving the tissues aside, the easiest way of ensuring your travel kit contains exactly what you need, is to buy a readymade kit designed for the purpose. One we especially like is Naked Bee Mini Bee Kit Orange Blossom Honey. This simple and easily portable kit of products contains organic lip balm, moisturizing hand and body lotion and a hand sanitizer. 

All Naked Bee products contain natural powerful ingredients, which are gentle on your skin and include beeswax and organic herbs. And with the aromatic fragrance of orange blossom, they bring a touch of luxury to even the most challenging of journeys.