N+2 Supersonic Commercial Aircraft Project

Nobody is saying that commercial aircraft aren’t fast but there’s always room for improvement, especially when we’re talking about round the world trips. The Concorde had a good run as a supersonic passenger airliner, but since 2003 when it was retired, there hasn’t been a plane worthy enough to take its place. Things might change in the relatively near future though, especially with reputable companies such as Lockheed Martin working on a viable replacement.

The N+2 Supersonic Commercial Aircraft project by Lockheed Martin involves designing and manufacturing a supersonic aircraft that would be able to transport passengers at mind-boggling speeds without deafening them in the process. We say this because current-generation supersonic aircraft are plagued by a so-called “sonic boom” that follows them throughout the duration of their flight immediately after they break the sound barrier. The skilled engineers at Lockheed Martin are working on a solution to eliminate the “sonic boom” with the help of other famous companies such as NASA. Come 2022, we should see the fruit of their labor.



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