Mystery of Time Luxury Clock

Mystery of Time Luxury Clock (9)

Intricate and made exclusively of fine materials, the Mystery of Time clock from Timekeeper Chronometrie is a stunning display of beauty and fine mechanics. Exotic woods, 18-karat gold, mammoth ivory, marble, stainless steel, crystals and other gems – all these can be found in the luxurious Mystery of Time Trible Axes Tourbillion with Planetary timepiece.

The clock’s tourbillion moves over three axes, while the planetary (with a golden Earth and its Moon) revolves around a fourth one. Over the entire mechanism there is a glass dome shaped like a bell. Emphasizing the “mystery of time” is the clock itself which doesn’t show the force that moves its accurate hands and which seems to function independent from the rest of the mechanism.

The beautifully adorned chapel opens and closes like a flower twice a day. When night comes, its wings close and then it sinks into the body of the pillar to stay hidden during the night. Once the first rays of sun appear in the morning, the chapel rises back again and blooms to unveil the precious jewel it holds inside.

Only 12 such gorgeous clocks will be made and buyers can ask for special customizations: the Mystery of Time can come in different materials, gems, casings, or movements and can bear personalized engravings.

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