MWE Emperor 200 Gaming Station for Diehard Gamers

Forget your old gaming console! Say hello to the awesome MWE Emperor 200 gaming station/workstation. The science-fiction-like unit is packed with advanced technologies that will turn your spare time into the best time of your day. Not that we’d encourage a sedentary lifestyle, but when your daily schedule permits some gaming fun, this is the shrine that we recommend to visit!

With an incredibly comfortable leather seat and three 24-inch LED monitors with touchscreen capabilities, the MWE Emperor 200 is definitely the king of all gaming units. It also flaunts LED lighting, motorized chair and screen adjustments, a THX surround system, and even an air filter that will allow smokers to enjoy their cigarettes while playing, without inconveniencing everybody else in the room. Its price? $45,000.

MWE Emperor 200 Gaming Station for Diehard Gamers

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