Muslanne Executive Interior Concept from Bentley

One of the most impressive things unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show is the fascinating Muslanne Executive Interior Concept, boasting state-of-the-art technologies and a truly elegant design. The automaker believes in the importance of research and development, so it invests huge amounts of money in this department every year. It is actually the third largest such investor in the U.K.

This spectacular interior is a perfect example of what a well financed research & development department can do. A luxury cabin like this takes over 170 hours to create and boasts many advanced comfort, business and entertainment features.

Both rear passengers have access to individual Apple iPad stations integrated in retractable picnic tables, but there is also a 15.6-inch high-definition LED screen that can be dropped down from the ceiling, with a wide selection of movies and television access. The iPads have full internet access and come with Bluetooth keypads.

The illuminated center rear console comes fitted with twin individual armrests and houses an iPod, a large stowage area, two cup holders and a tissue box. Control keys on the console operate the reading lights, the picnic tables, the HD dropdown screen and more. The armrest contains a Privacy Telephone handset and a Tibaldi pen for when using a keyboard is no longer enough. We just know luxury addicts will fall in love with the Muslanne Executive Interior Concept in an instant!

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