MSN’s New Offices in Santa Fe

MSN New Offices in Santa Fe (8)

Recently opened in Santa Fe, Mexico City, the new MSN offices are bright, spacious and colorful. The company’s signature colors, red, blue, green and orange, are spread throughout the building, creating a very inviting atmosphere. Socialization is encouraged by the extensive use of glass and other transparent materials between offices. Actually, the place has got no clearly defined function: the different divisions of the building can be used as offices, sub-offices, or as a main office for team work.

What makes this workspace even more impressive is the fact that it is very nature friendly. It was designed to save 20% of the electrical energy and the water that a building like this usually uses. The paints used inside and out are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which is a big plus for a new office in a big city like Mexico City. All in all, the project is really great.

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