Mother Buys $6.5 Million Manhattan Apartment for Her Toddler

While most people dream of buying a nice home when they’re thirty or so, this two year old kid gets a $6.5 million flat before even properly grasping the concept of property. This may sound outrageous for some, but the little girl’s mother certainly sees it as the responsible thing to do for her baby. After all, we all want the best for our kids, don’t we?

So what you see in the photos below is a stunning luxury apartment in Manhattan’s One57 tower, the fabled skyscraper that overlooks Central Park and which will only be completed next year. The unidentified Chinese mother bought the plush home for when her daughter will go to college, adding that she will need to live in the center of the huge city, which we totally get.

The residence was sold by Sotheby’s International, and even though it definitely brings a lot of joy to the buyer and her daughter, it also is a source of controversy among the Chinese who feel suspicious about the source of the money.

When the building will be completed, it will be the city’s tallest residential tower, where only the world’s richest people will have the privilege to live. This includes the Prime Minister of Qatar,   who has already purchased the city’s most expensive penthouse for about $100 million.