Most Expensive Poker Set by Geoffrey Parker

Geoffrey Parker is known worldwide as the maker of the finest games and gifts in the world, and here is one reason why. What you see here is the most expensive poker set in the world. Flaunting 22,364 gems that add up to 1,012 carats, the set is only for the wealthy and the extravagant: it costs $7.5 million.

The case is wrapped in genuine alligator skin (the owner can ask for any color) and lined in suede. Its combination locks and hardware is made of 18 karat white gold, it has 4 Platinum plated decks of playing cards, a dealer button made of white gold and adorned with shagreen and diamonds, 18-carat gold locks and handle plates, and three “blind” discs in gold.

The 348 chips feature gem-studded edges: white diamonds for the white chips, black diamonds for the black, rubies for the red, emeralds for the green and sapphires for the blue.

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