Most Expensive Led Zeppelin T-Shirt Sold at Auction

The rarest and most expensive Led Zeppelin T-shirt was recently purchased by a diehard fan of the legendary band. We are talking about a vintage piece, one that was created back in 1979 as a wearable backstage pass. Only a handful of these passes were ever manufactured, and they were offered on one of the two Zeppelin concerts held at Knebworth House.

This particular piece was sold to Stormcrow-Vintage by the very family who printed it over three decades ago. Stormcrow then put it up for auction on eBay, and an enthusiastic Australian buyer with really deep pockets paid $10,000 to take it home. This reportedly makes the T-shirt the second most expensive one ever sold on eBay, so if you thought the price was ridiculously high, think again.