Most Expensive Doraemon In The World Is Worth $1.28 Million

Fans of the renowned Doraemon cartoon character would undoubtedly love to catch a glimpse of the most lavish representation of their favorite robotic kitten. The most expensive Doraemon in the world was placed in a glass box and showcased at the World Plaza of the Chinese city of Hunan, and even though it is big enough to fit in the palm of a hand, its exquisite adornments make it instantly recognizable and breathtaking.


These decorations consist of 4,074 sapphires, 861 rubies and no less than 2,342 glistening diamonds, all of which were placed on a sublime white gold body for a total worth of $1.28 million. We don’t know exactly who created this stunning figurine or whether it will ever become available for purchase, but we have to admit that this little thing looks absolutely incredible to say the least.





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