Most Expensive Dollhouse in the World: $500,000

Famous silent movie star Colleen Moore owned what is known today as the most expensive dollhouse in the world. Priced at $500,000, the toy house measures  8’7’ x 8’2” x 7’7” and represents a miniature fairy castle. Moore was inspired by her father to build this impressive dollhouse and received help from Horace Jackson, her former set designer, while the interior design was created by Harold Grieve.

Excellent craftsmanship characterizes everything inside. All decorations, all furniture pieces, every nook and cranny was made with a dedicated attention to detail. The rooms of the house include a great hall, a chapel, a drawing room, a library, a kitchen, an attic and of course separate bedrooms and bathrooms for the princess and for the prince. There is even a magical garden that comes with the castle.

Murals with scenes from fairy tales (one painted by Walt Disney himself) and glass windows etched with famous story characters give a plus of charm to this amazing work of miniature art. Jewels include jade and rose quartz from the Chinese royal collection (approximately five centuries old) and a pure gold and diamonds chandelier. The miniature tableware is made of china and the kitchen utensils are made of copper. You can even spot several miniature bear skins on the floors. Dreamy indeed!Most Expensive Dollhouse in the World (5)

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