Most Expensive Cupcake Coated with 24k Gold

For those of you who didn’t know it yet, this week is the official National Cupcake Week in the UK. It is a week-long celebration of creativity and “all things cupcake”. Professional and amateur bakers have done their best to impress the audience and are all poised to win the National Cupcake Championship.

While we don’t know who the winner of the championship will be, we do know which the most expensive cupcake is and we are happy to share the information with you. Priced at £768.85 (approx. $1,235), this is a mouthwatering dessert that could only be displayed in a glass box, protected by a bodyguard and placed behind a rope that made sure no guests would get too close to it.

All these security measures were taken to protect a stunning work of culinary art in the shape of a gold-plated cupcake. The entire dessert is covered in 24k edible gold leaf and is even decorated with a glamorous leafy twig with a golden bird on it.

Some of its fine ingredients include butter cream mixed with Chateau Yquem luxury wine, peach and champagne jam, chocolate fondant made fromCharbonnelet Walker chocolate, as well as fine Hawaiian AA tea. While we are sure it must taste divine, we still have to decide whether or not we would actually pay over $1,200 for a mouthful of opulence.