Most Expensive Coin to Be Sold in California

Passionate coin collectors worldwide, get ready for the Long Beach Signature World and Ancient Coins Auctions in California, because this is where the famous “Ides of Marchcoin will most probably become the most expensive coin in the world. Its estimated price is over $500,000, but things could get out of control at the auction and nobody knows how high bids will get.

So what’s so special about this coin? It is actually the only one that commemorates the assassination of an emperor, rather than a nation’s great achievement or other major historical events. The emperor in question was Julius Caesar and the murderer was Marcus Brutus. Brutus was part of the Roman emperor’s close entourage, which gave him a huge advantage in his plan. The assassination was described as an act of patriotism by its instigators.

On one face, the coin features the head of Marcus Brutus, while the other shows a liberty cap and two daggers. The Latin phrase “EID MAR” (which is an acronym for “Eidibus Martiis” meaning “Ides of March” or “March 15”) is also featured on the reverse. Being such an important piece of history, the coin was part of numerous famous collections, and it can now be part of yours, if you’ve got what it takes: passion and money.

Most Expensive Coin to Be Sold in California


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