Most Expensive Car Model: $6.1 Million!

most expensive car model Lamborghini Aventadors (1)

Robert Gülpen created the most expensive Lamborghini Aventador in the whole world. Actually, it’s a scale model of the supercar, made exclusively of carbon fiber, gold, platinum and precious stones! The gems and precious metals alone are worth some €2 million (about $2.7 million), which is way more than a brand-new full-size Aventador that costs approximately $414,000. So what could be the price of the stunning 1:8 scale replica? A whopping €4.5 million, or approximately $6.1 million … or some fourteen real-size Aventadors!

This makes the impressive work of automotive art the most expensive car model in the world. In December, Sotheby’s will auction it off with a starting price of “just” €3.5 million. The auction will take place in New York or Dubai, but only if nobody buys the replica before the auction, by offering one extra million Euros. Until the rich will make up their minds about what to do with their money, the model car will be showcased at the Frankfurt Auto Show (on September 25)in a bulletproof glass case with electronic safeguards.most expensive car model Lamborghini Aventadors (1)


most expensive car model Lamborghini Aventadors (2)