Montblanc Turns 110 And Launches Special Edition Products

Montblanc, one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of luxury writing instruments, jewelry, watches and leather goods has just turned 110, and in order to mark this special occasion, it has released a series of special edition products inspired by its very first offerings. The Montblanc Heritage Collection, Special Edition, Limited Edition 1906 and Rouge et Noir are some of the product lines that served as inspiration, with Rouge et Noir being the most significant, as it represented the brand’s very first fountain-pen series.

The company has also launched a serpent-themed range of goodies such as a tie bar, a bracelet, cuff links and a gorgeous pen named Ultimate Serpent Limited Edition 1. This pen costs no less than $1.36 million, as it was created using rose gold and features adornments such as diamonds and dark blue sapphires. We should also mention the Anniversary Steamer Bag collection, which was inspired by a style of luggage “originally designed to accompany larger trunks for sea voyages aboard the great Atlantic Ocean Liners.”