Modern And Versatile MVP Aero Airplane

The MVP Aero Airplane is an outstanding amphibious aircraft that impresses with great versatility. It can be used conventionally for transportation, but it can also be transformed into an observation deck or a spacious tent. Designed with comfort and efficiency in mind, the aircraft flaunts fully ergonomic controls as well as comfortable seats and a retractable instrument panel.

Aside from being able to transform into a boat and an observation platform, the MVP Aero can fill in the role of a tent should the need arise. The airplane even flaunts its own air mattress and hammock, which means that it can ensure more than adequate accommodation options right in the middle of nowhere. As far as pricing is concerned, however, this thing doesn’t come cheap.

Depending on its model, it costs between $164,500 and $184,500, but there is a chance to get it for $100,000 if you are qualified to help its makers test it. There are still quite a few years left until the MVP Aero will enter production. The Production LSA will probably become available in 2019 at the earliest, while the Experimental Amateur Build Kit for the airplane is expected to arrive in 2017.




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