Modern House In Elie, Fife, UK

Sketched out by WT Architecture, this brand new beach house from 2014 is located in Elie, Fife, United Kingdom, and it replaces an older bungalow from the 1970s. It features 2,960 square feet of space, and it flaunts picture-perfect panoramas of the lighthouse and the beach from its main entrance, which is located at its landward side.

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Modern House In Elie, Fife, UK (9)

The home’s largest two-story volume incorporates the bedroom spaces, the utility areas and the kitchen, while a smaller section includes a bunk loft for children with a shower room, a living space and four beds.

On the outside, the house impresses with timber boarding and zinc elements that remind of old seaside boat sheds. Inside, smooth concrete and timber OSB lining are the predominant materials. In order to ensure a level of sustainability, the architects equipped part of the roof with fully integrated solar photovoltaic panels.

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