Modern Home Interior for a Young Indian Family

This impressive home interior project was made by designer Rajiv Saini in New Delhi, India. It is a beautiful modern home for a traditional Indian family. The young couple lives in the same house as the husband’s parents, only on a separate floor. Extended families living together is still a valued tradition in India.

The designer had roughly 2,500 square feet of space to work with. One of the three original bedrooms was torn down to create a grand master suite, with a modern “gadda” (a large mattress on which people can sit together informally) at one end, as the couple requested.

The living room features a compact (6 feet x 6 feet) dining area, where guests can be entertained in a nice ambiance. For this project, Saini used onyx and beige marble (for the master dresser and bath), deep brown Spanish marble, and teak wood. There also is a black marble ledge in the guest suite.

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