Modern Home By Gregory Phillips Architects In Berkshire

This comfortable, contemporary home can be found in Berkshire, England, and it was designed by a firm named Gregory Phillips Architects. It was built on a 12-acre lot in close proximity to the Thames River, and it stands ready to provide irreproachable living conditions.

The abode itself features 9,688 square feet of living space, but the 12-acre lot also includes a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, garages for multiple automobiles and a few outbuildings. Inside, the residence impresses with generously sized windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling and frame incredible views of the surrounding environment. The furniture pieces are modern and practical, as are the state-of-the-art appliances and amenities found throughout the house.

The Berkshire house includes 2 dining tables, one of which is able to accommodate 8 people and is found in the kitchen, while the other is larger and boasts enough seating for 10.  The living room and kitchen are located on the ground floor, while the second floor incorporates the plush bedrooms. The upper level also includes a large balcony with glass railings that can be used by the owners and their guests for relaxation or socialization.










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