Modern Concept Motorcycles By Husqvarana and Kiska

During Milan’s EICMA event, two companies named Husqvarana and Kiska unveiled the result of their collaboration with a pair of impressive motorcycle concepts that were inspired by the famous Silver Pilen model from 1955. The bikes come in two versions named Vit Pilen (White Arrow) and Svart Pilen (Black Arrow), both tipping the scales at just 300 pounds.

The lightweight two-wheelers flaunt a minimalistic design that includes an eye-catching front lamp featuring a light-up halo outline. While the Vit Pilen model is best suited for smooth roads and joyrides through the city, Svart Pilen can also be used on more challenging roads. We don’t know when or whether the concepts will ever make it into production, but they will surely sell like hotcakes if they do.


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