Mobiado’s Professional 3 GCB Gold Mobile Phone

The Professional 3 GCB mobile phone by Mobiado is somewhat similar to the brand’s earlier releases, two of which were dedicated to important artists such as Gustav Klimt and Piet Mondrian. However, even though it is based on the same Professional 3 model, this phone doesn’t have a relationship with a famed personality.

The Professional 3 GCB Gold features a gold construction as well as sublime decorations that were created using the guilloche technique, which is usually reserved for luxury watches or jewelry items. The phone’s frame was made out of solid brass, and flaunts a 24-carat gold coating for a touch of opulence. The screen of the gadget is protected from the elements by a sapphire crystal.

Tech-wise, the Professional 3 GCB Gold mobile phone boasts a 2.4-inch QVGA display, video and photo cameras, a microSD memory card slot, a music player, Bluetooth 3.0, a web browser and email support. This might not be the most technologically advanced mobile phone, but it is definitely in a league of its own when it comes to luxury.